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I’ve discovered how to make SOAP calls with the General/WSMethodInvocationRef and related functions, but I cannot make a General/SOAPAction appear in the outgoing HTTP header. Does anyone know how to do this?

It seems like it ought to be General/WSMethodInvocationSetProperty( soapCall, kWSSOAPMethodSOAPAction , (General/CFTypeRef @”” );

but there is no such constant as kWSSOAPMethodSOAPAction.


You can create a kWSHTTPExtraHeaders property for the invocation which is a General/CFDictionary of { key (General/CFString), val (General/CFString) } pairs. See: for details. The snippet below should be enough to get you going.

General/NSDictionary headers = General/[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObject:@”urn:General/GoogleSearchAction” forKey:@”General/SOAPAction”]; / your code to create the invocation and set its parameters - see General/WSMethodInvocationRef */ General/WSMethodInvocationSetProperty (rpcCall, (General/CFStringRef) kWSHTTPExtraHeaders, (General/CFTypeRef) headers);

The headers dictionary could also contain @”General/MyFunkyApp 1.0 (Macintosh; Mac OS X)” with key @”User-Agent” if you want fame in server logs :)

– Merman

I still have troubles getting soap to work, keep getting exception from my call. It seem’s that something is missing but i had several sleepless nights because of this anyone please help, i would be very gratefull.


#import <General/CoreServices/General/CoreServices.h> #import “soap.h”

@implementation soap

if (General/WSMethodResultIsFault ((General/CFDictionaryRef) result))

General/NSLog (@"%@", result);//[resultField setStringValue: [result objectForKey: (General/NSString *) kWSFaultString]];	

else General/NSLog (@”%@”, result); [resultField setStringValue: [result objectForKey: (General/NSDictionary *) kWSMethodInvocationResult]];

[params release];
params = nil;


These examples are great and I’ve been able to use these as a model to call my .NET web services, so thanks to everyone for contributing. I need to take things a little further, now.

So far all the examples are sending parameters objects as strings. Can someone post a sample that sends an array of strings (or even better a structure of some sort that includes an array of strings) as one of the parameters? I’ve tried a few things but I’m failing miserably.

Thanks, PH