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Can anyone tell me why this example is allowed to ignore the "must be the same size" rule of poseAsClass: by adding an extra int to the definition? Incidentally, I reformatted the code to stop it adding a horizontal scrollbar on my screen. --General/KritTer

Have written it, I can’t tell you that. It compiles… or did… maybe bit rot has set in, I’m not certain. As it is, I don’t really have any use for it, so it’s fallen by the proverbial wayside; thank you for the formatting, however (the horizontal scrollbar is bloody evil). – General/RobRix

General/FDWeakReferencingObject is a nice little class which poses as General/NSObject to give all objects some lovely little General/WeakReferencing methods.

Class reference:

This does absolutely nothing except insure that the runtime has sent the +initialize method to the class. Use this to allow you to use weak referencing everywhere. This is the only method you’ll need to call directly.

Increments the weakRetainCount and retainCount.

Decrements the weakRetainCount and retainCount.

This is an extension of General/NSObject’s -release method (that is, it calls General/NSObject’s -release method within the implementation). All it adds is a short block of code to check whether or not the weakRetainCount and retainCount are the same, and if they are, it -releases and -weakReleases self till both counts are zero.

Returns weakRetainCount, which is the number of weak retains that have been made.

Returns a description of the instance. This varies from General/NSObject’s version by putting the weakRetainCount in along with the class name.

I have provided the code for your fancy (this is newer than the code on my site):

From General/FDWeakReferencingObject.h

// // General/FDWeakReferencingObject.h // General/FDFoundation // // Created by Rob Rix on Sun Jun 24 2001. // Copyright (c) 2001 Rob Rix. All rights reserved. //

// v1.2

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

void setupWeakReferencing(); // sets up weak referencing by making certain that the // General/FDWeakReferencing Class has had a chance to pose as General/NSObject. // It does this by allocating and releasing a temporary // object, so we know that the runtime has sent the +initialize // message to the class.

@interface General/FDWeakReferencingObject : General/NSObject { unsigned int weakRetainCount; } +(void)initialize; +(void)setupWeakReferencing;

-(id)weakRetain; -(void)release; -(void)weakRelease;

-(unsigned int)weakRetainCount;

-(id)description; @end

From General/FDWeakReferencingObject.m

// // General/FDWeakReferencingObject.m // General/FDFoundation // // Created by Rob Rix on Sun Jun 24 2001. // Copyright (c) 2001 Rob Rix. All rights reserved. //

// v1.2

#import “General/FDWeakReferencingObject.h”

@implementation General/FDWeakReferencingObject

+(void)setupWeakReferencing { // that’s all we need to get it to work. empty. not a thing further. //life is sweet. }

-(void)__incrementCount { weakRetainCount++; }

-(void)__decrementCount { weakRetainCount–; }

-(id)weakRetain { [self __incrementCount]; return [self retain]; }

-(void)release { if([self retainCount] == [self weakRetainCount]) { unsigned int counter = 0; for(counter = 0; counter < [self retainCount]; counter++) { [self weakRelease]; [super release]; } } else { [super release]; } }

-(void)weakRelease { [self __decrementCount]; [self release]; }

-(unsigned int)weakRetainCount { return weakRetainCount; }

-(id)description { General/NSMutableString *descriptionString = General/[[NSMutableString alloc] init];

[descriptionString appendFormat:
    @"Instance of %@ with a weakRetainCount of %i",
    [self class], [self weakRetainCount]];

return [descriptionString autorelease]; }


void setupWeakReferencing() { static BOOL hasBeenSetUp = NO;

if(hasBeenSetUp == NO)
	General/[FDWeakReferencingObject setupWeakReferencing];
} }

– General/RobRix