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I’m trying to learn how to make plugins for General/WebKit apps, namely Safari. Using the General/WebKitMoviePlugin example from here as a starting point:

Then I want to trigger a javascript method, I added the js to the page but am struggling with how to call this. I added a few lines noted by a comment below. It’s pretty basic but so far I’ve utterly failed at get access to the General/WebView’s scripting environment. Help! I’m a bit of a Cocoa newbie and a total General/WebKit newbie.


if (!_loadedMovie) {

   _loadedMovie = YES;

   General/NSDictionary *webPluginAttributesObj = [_arguments objectForKey:General/WebPlugInAttributesKey];

   General/NSString *General/URLString = [webPluginAttributesObj objectForKey:@"src"];

           // added these lines before the if statement
           General/NSDictionary *webPluginContainerKey = [_arguments objectForKey:General/WebPlugInContainerKey];

           myWebView = General/webPluginContainerKey webFrame] webView];

           [myWebView evaluateWebScript:@"pluginLaunchSuccess()"];

   if ([[URLString != nil && General/[URLString length] != 0) {

       NSURL *baseURL = [_arguments objectForKey:General/WebPlugInBaseURLKey];

       NSURL *URL = [NSURL General/URLWithString:General/URLString relativeToURL:baseURL];

       General/NSMovie *movie = General/[[NSMovie alloc] initWithURL:URL byReference:NO];

       [self setMovie:movie];

       [movie release];



[self start:self]; }