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Q: I set my applications name using setApplicationNameForUserAgent: but customUserAgent returns nil. Does it work?

A: …

Q: I set my page contents using loadHTMLString:baseURL: but if the baseURL: I supply is of type file:// and the file doesn’t exist, nothing changes in the General/WebView. Is this a bug?

A: I don’t think it’s a bug. If you’re giving it a file:// URL, it must point to an html/htm file, and the file must exist. If not, it will not work properly.

Q: How do I “flush” the resources cached by the General/WebView (i.e. stylesheets and images).

A: There is a private class that you can use for this called General/WebCoreCache, it has only two class methods.

@interface General/WebCoreCache + (void) setDisabled:(BOOL) disabled; + (void) empty; @end

Q: Each time I click a link, the General/WebView loses first responder status. Is this a bug? I see the Help Viewer seems to suffer from the same problem.

A: A General/WebView controls many subviews. There are one or more General/WebFrameViews inside a General/WebView. So your frame view is likely becoming the first responder. - General/TimothyHatcher

Q: If I set my page content using loadHTMLString:baseURL:, click a link, and then press cmd-back so that the General/WebView goes one page back, it will load the contents found at the base URL. What is the simplest way to have it show the string that I’d given it?

A: You could intercept links and open them always in the default web browser, preventing navigation in your General/WebView, if this is the desired affect.

[webView setPolicyDelegate:self];