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General/AppleComputer’s (formerly General/NeXT’s) General/WebObjects frameworks, are basically, a set of frameworks building on the General/FoundationKit, for making web applications. An example of this is General/AppleComputer’s own Apple Store, which is run by means of a General/WebObjects application (or was last I saw).

General/WebObjects 5 was just released, and the deployment platform is Java and therefore should work on any JRE1.3 platform! Yay! However, I quote: (1) General/WebObjects 5 is officially qualified for use only on Mac OS X, Windows 2000 Pro, and Solaris 8 using Oracle 8i with JDBC 2 and the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 1.3. Although I guess linux might work :)

Unfortunately, WO is pay-for software. Currently, the price is $699 (originally, it was $50,000 for an unlimited-user license!!!).

Paying ADC members get a free development license.

See for more information.

General/WebObjects General/WikiWikiWeb Site:

The SOPE application server which is part of General/ includes an almost complete implementation of the General/WebObjects 4.5.1 framework under the LGPL license, that is, an Objective-C implementation of WO.

See for more information. *Looks like it needs a LOT more info on the site, etc. to make people feel comfy. ;-) *

General/GNUstepWeb is written in Objective-C and designed to be source-code compatible with General/WebObjects 4.5.


A somewhat dated (Mar. 2008) port of General/GNUstepWeb and GDL2 (General/EnterpriseObjectsFramework clone) for Mac OS 10.5 may be found here:

General/WebObjects is now free for everyone to use and is included with the Xcode 2.1 Developer Tools.

Sure that applies to deployment as well?

General/WebObjects deployment is free with OS X Server, but the General/XCode Tools don’t include a deployment licence.