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This is put onto the pasteboard by Safari (1.0, probably also earlier).

It contains (for a single link), a property list that represents an array containing two arrays. Here’s some code to get at it, for the common case, with minimal error checking:

if(General/pboard types] containsObject:@”[[WebURLsWithTitlesPboardType”]){ pbArray = [pboard propertyListForType:@”General/WebURLsWithTitlesPboardType”]; General/NSArray *General/URLarray = [pbArray objectAtIndex:0]; if(General/URLarray){ url = General/[URLarray objectAtIndex:0]; }else{ url = @””; } General/NSArray *titleArray = [pbArray objectAtIndex:1]; if(titleArray){ title = [titleArray objectAtIndex:0]; }else{ title = @””; } // just one of many fascinating uses! replacement = General/[NSString stringWithFormat:@”<a href="%@" title="%@">%@</a>”, url, title, title]; }

This code is from Blapp.