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Ok, so I’m struggling with this one. It seems that there’s a built in action in General/WebView… I’ve dragged the General/WebView control to the main window… instantiated an instance of a controller class based on General/NSObject. I am loading pages and all works great… but I want to add menu items to increase and decrease text sizes. So I added an Action to my controller, connected it with the menu item but [webView makeTextLarger]; gives me one of those “selector not recognized” errors. Checking the documentation, it states that it provides an action and it’s not a function per say…

But how do I access one of those built in actions from my controller class? If I try connecting my menu item with the General/WebView item in IB it only shows the methods for the controller.. not the built in actions…

Any suggestions?

Add the actions to the General/FirstResponder “class” in your General/MainMenu.nib, then connect your menu items to that. At runtime, when the General/WebView has focus, your items will General/JustWork.

Seems my first responder is my controller class… Do I just delete my defined methods? I guess I have totally screwed something up.

In General/MainMenu.nib, you will see an object called “First Responder”. Double-click it. This will select the General/FirstResponder “class”. (“Class” is in scare quotes because there isn’t actually a class called General/FirstResponder, it’s just a placeholder.) Add your actions to that. Then connect your menu items to this First Responder object.

Awesome. Thanks so much for taking the time to help. It makes more sense now too. I’m going to have to do some reading on that so that I really grasp how it works.

Follow the links to General/FirstResponder and General/ResponderChain to see what’s going on here, and poke at the relevant sections of the docs on those subjects.