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You know how when you say General/NSAssert(NO, @”Some message”); You get a pretty little dispplay of where in the code the exception was thrown? You know, class, method, line number… well, how can I General/NSLog something like that – that’s dynamically gotten out of the compiler – and please, please don’t say to handle a false assertion locally! :)

The macros you want are FILE and LINE, I believe. As in:

General/NSLog(@"Blammo in %s at %s", __FILE__, __LINE__);

Worth a try, anyhow.

Note: there are two (2) underscore before and after FILE and LINE

Dude! That is awesome! Thanks, a lot. BTW, you want to say General/NSLog(@”Blammo in %s at %i”, FILE, LINE); – LINE apparantly returns an int (decimal constant) – surprise, surprise. Wow! Is this doc’d somewhere!? Thanks again!

Section A 12.10 Predefined Names of The C Programming Language also defines

__DATE__,     __TIME__, and     __STDC__

Good catch on the line number format. They’re pretty common C preprocessor features; gcc’s got documentation, and probably every other C compiler in existence does too.