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Will this work if ‘id’ could be any obj-c class. – JP

in .h

General/NSMutableDictionary *ivar_attributes;

in .m

It seems like [ivar_attributes setObject:value forKey:key]; would work fine, so I don’t quite see the point of using General/CoreFoundation at all. OTOH, I don’t see any problem with what you’re trying. What’s the catch? – Bo

No catch, just theoretically. Unfortunatly I can’t test it myself right now(Using a HP laptop) – JP

General/CoreFoundation is apparently slightly faster than regular message-sends when you can use it, so hey. But yeah, looks like it should work. – General/RobRix

Yeah, it avoids a message send, and probably a little wrapper code. But I’d imagine the savings are pretty small. It’s best to measure and see if that’s your problem before contorting a bunch of code. (OTOH, it’s always good to be versed in CF as well as cocoa techniques) ++General/MarkDalrymple

One should also be sure to run a proper speed test: message sends speed up after the first attempt, due to Apple’s code doing some internal caching. – General/KritTer