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New filesystem slated to be released with General/MicrosoftWindows General/CodenameLonghorn, based around General/SQLServer allowing for detailed file attributes, etc. Oh yea and it’s been pushed back to the 2010 release of Windoze.

Who cares, oh and I’ve used Longhorn and it really sucks… Mac OS X for Ever! Did you ever try any of the betas or developer previews for Mac OS X? They were terrible. Longhorn is in beta, and betas always suck. At the moment, all we can say about the final version of Longhorn is that it will not happen for a long time; the quality of the betas says nothing about the quality of the release.

Microsoft doesn’t care about quality, they just want to over hype, and over price.

Hmmm…. a little bit of Mac fanatacism here perhaps? General/WinFS, it turns out, is actually a database layer on top of the existing file system (NTFS) and is scheduled for release in ‘06. As for judging software b y using a version several YEARS before any release version… a programmer ought to know better.

Any way you cut it, at least they’re doing something different. With some of the talent they’ve got on board, especially among the language developers and the guys working on Avalon, Longhorn could be really good. I’d not be surprised in the slightest if it ended up being the worst thing since unsliced bread, but there’s potential from what I’ve seen. In short, I agree: a programmer ought to know better.

Microsoft is clipping Longhorn to get the already-delayed follow-up to Windows XP out the door by 2006. MS has decided to remove some of the most ambitious features. Blackcomb is the version to follow Longhorn, and is expected at the end of the decade. The full new file system feature has been moved to Blackcomb.


And this has what to do with Cocoa? Oh wait, I get it: MS are using General/OpenStep’s EOF classes to write the General/WinFS layer on top of NTFS! ;-)