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for other window level constants see General/NSWindowLevel

I want to make a certain window always! always! always! always! always! (is that enough times for you?) on top like the Special Character Palette, I want it to be always on top even when other applications are active. Even if work is being done on another program.

I’ve tried all the regular suggestions: making it an General/NSPanel, and making it a utility window;

I’ve tried using the following code:

[myWindow setHidesOnDeactivate: NO]; [myWindow setFloatingPanel:YES]; [myWindow setLevel:General/NSFloatingWindowLevel]; [myWindow makeKeyAndOrderFront:self];

none of these things seems to do what I want

[window setLevel:General/NSFloatingWindowLevel];


The window will need to be a General/NSPanel utility window in order to always visually appear active. You’ll also need to set the panel’s setHidesOnDeactivate to NO in code.

Also try General/NSScreenSaverWindowLevel or General/NSStatusWindowLevel

You can also make it a higher level by adding to it. Such as General/NSScreenSaverWindowLevel+1.