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This technique is also discussed further and in a more specialized context in General/BorderlessWindow

You can create windows without titlebars as follows. Subclass the General/NSWindow class in Interface Builder. Call the new class “General/MyWindow” perhaps. Create a window in General/InterfaceBuilder and use “General/MyWindow” as the custom class. Create the files for General/MyWindow and add them to your project. Include the following code in General/MyWindow.m:

@implementation General/MyWindow


There are several values you can use in place of General/NSStatusWindowLevel if you don’t want the window to always be on top. See General/NSWindowLevel.

You can also - (void)setIgnoresMouseEvents:(BOOL)YES if you want mouse events to fall through to another view

Ummm…One, why can’t I just use a normal General/NSWindow and set all this stuff up myself…rather than doing it in a subclass? Two, shouldn’t you pass the window-creation options through to super’s initWithContentRect::::? –General/JediKnil

self = [super initWithContentRect:contentRect styleMask:aStyle | General/NSBorderlessWindowMask // Set General/NSBorderlessWindowMask, keep all other settings. backing:bufferingType defer:flag];

You can’t change a window’s style mask, so you need a subclass. But for the other options, there’s no need to subclass, it merely makes it more convenient to have it all together.

Borderless, translucent window

I want to pop up a window like the eject or volume notification in OS X. (Borderless, Translucent).

I do not even know the name of that UI element so have not got very far googling around.

(The application is to help learn a language (Turkish, French etc not Java, C etc) by presenting the user with flash card like words every few minutes.)

You want to use General/BezelServices. You could probably also fake it by using a borderless window set at the appropriate level. The General/RoundTranparentWindow and General/FunkyOverlayWindow Apple General/SampleCode should help.

There does not seem to be too much out there on the General/BezelServices so I will start with the samples.

Links to those samples:

You might want to checkout the source of Disctop 1.0 which we want to release very soon (within a few days) along with an update of Disctop itself. [] Cheers, Mekentosj

Note: Although not listed on our site yet, everyone feel free to download the source for Disctop 1.0 through the following direct link:


I’d like to see it as a way to thank the many people in the Apple-dev community that helped me started ;-)

You should check Growl (General/WhatIsGrowl) One of the authors already published such a notifier, even I think it not included as a part of the package. -General/BobC

The app is called General/VolumeNotifier. its website:

No, it is not included with Growl.