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I have an General/NSBitmapImageRep and I’m trying to make all of its pixels white, here’s my code:

General/NSBitmapImageRep = bitmap = General/[[NSBitmapImageRep alloc] initWithBitmapDataPlanes:NULL pixelsWide:sizeInt pixelsHigh:sizeInt bitsPerSample:8 samplesPerPixel:3 hasAlpha:NO isPlanar:NO colorSpaceName:General/NSDeviceRGBColorSpace bytesPerRow:0 bitsPerPixel:0 ]; unsigned char *bytes = [bitmap bitmapData]; int width = [bitmap pixelsHigh], height = [bitmap pixelsHigh]; for (i=0;i<widthheight*3;i++) bytes[i] = 255;

As far as I can tell, this should work, however, for some reason it doesn’t. It does makes most of the pixels in the General/NSBitmapImageRep white, but there’s always a small black strip at the bottom of the image. Can someone please tell me what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance, General/PabloGomez

Look into -General/[NSBitmapImageRep bytesPerRow].

bytesPerRow: should be set to (bitsPerPixel/CHAR_BITS) * width; in the case of the provided code, that would be sizeInt * 3. bitsPerPixel: should also be set to bitsPerSample * samplesPerPixel; in your case, 24.

I’m not sure that bytesPerRow follows a single formula. Some bitmap representations may pad the end of a row for 16 byte alignment. –zootbobbalu

Thank you, its working great now.