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I have been toying around with creating my own framework to share code amung a suite of tools I am writing. I create a new framework type project, wrote a bunch of classes, compiled it and included it in an application. Now how do I access the classes? I tried this:

#import <General/NameOfFramework/General/NameofClass>

But that doesnt work. What do I need to do? Im under the impression from my compiler errors (or is that the linker?) that I need a file that #defines all my classes for the framework.

What are the preprocessor/compiler/linker errors you’re getting? – General/AdamAtlas

Header file not found. no macro name given in #define directive

Be sure that in the Target Settings for your framework, you’re specifying that the headers you want public are public. Furthermore, make sure the framework is in an acceptable framework-y place such as ~/Library/Frameworks (you may have to create the directory).–General/JoeOsborn

– zootbobbalu

Weird. I had a previously compiling project stop compiling, giving me these same kinds of errors (header file not find, no macro name given). The framework works if I add it to new projects, but not in this one project. Even if I remove and re-add it. Spontaneous Project Builder setting rot?

– General/AdamVandenberg