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General/XCode has a fully working plugin API, but at the time I write these lines, the documentation is not public. Apple use it for the GDB debugger, General/CoreData compiler, General/CoreData file editor, CVS/SVN/Perfoce plugin… According to Apple the documentation Xcode plugin API will be released in the future, without any other informations (and does not even provide a date).

I’ve done a lot of reverse engineering to understand parts (custom compiler & linker) of this plugin API (tested on General/XCode 2.1 only). The result of my work is available on my web site�: I’ve made a plugin for the Objective-Caml language release under the GPL licence, so feel free to read it’s source�:

� General/DamienBob

General/XCode plugins may be written using General/AppleScript. See “General/AppleScript Studio Xcode Plug-in Template” in�:

Yes or the article on Stepwise or General/CocoaDevCentral etc. etc. Sorry, but I know how to design my own plugin API; I’m talking about writing one specifically for General/XCode. An General/XCode plugin, not “how to utilize a plugin architecture”. In other words, what is the General/XCode plugin API so I can extend the functionality of General/XCode? So far it appears I can only automate General/XCode, not extend it; I am hoping there’s more to it. � Brent

On the surface, it looks rather as though General/XCode has inherited PBX’s plugin interface. The stuff that does the witty plugin loading stuff is contained in /System/Library/General/PrivateFrameworks/General/DevToolsSupport.framework, class General/TSPluginManager. I think.

IIRC, from the last time I built PBX plugins (see General/ObjectiveCeeRefactoringProject for link to source), you need to name the bundle correctly, have it in the right place, and have a +load method in the principal class that initialises your plugin. There’s other juicy stuff too, but that’s the basics, if I’m not very much mistaken.

OK. I lied. Look also in /System/Library/General/PrivateFrameworks/General/DevToolsInterface.framework for General/PBXLSDebuggingPlugin - class-dump below:

@interface General/PBXLSPlugin:General/NSObject { } + (void)pluginDidLoad:fp8; - (void)registerLaunchSystemDescriptions; @end

I have no idea what the second method does.


I have written a plugin for General/XCode similar to General/CodeCompletion. This plugin supports all my text completion macros. The plugin bundle is an General/ObjectiveC bundle with a pbplugin extension. It worked fine all the way until General/XCode version 3.0. Now the plugin will not load because it is not GC (garbage collection) compliant. The Console will log the following:

11/27/07 9:37:30 AM Xcode[11144] WARNING: skipping plugin for GC: General/TextInputHelper.pbplugin

I recompiled the bundle with “Objective-C Garbage Collection” set to “Supported [-fobjc-gc]”. It still doesn’t load and it still outputs the same error log.

See General/XCodeVersionThreeDotOne —-