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Has any one noticed Xcode 1.5 treating header files as resources? By resources I mean they are getting get copied into the Apps Resources directory by default during a build. If this is localized to my install, how do I fix it. Every header I add ends up in the targets ‘Bundle Resources’ step. Help!


This happened to me too; all I did was remove the headers from the target and then clean and rebuild. – Bo

Ouch, well thanks for the confirmation that I am not the only one. Unfortunately, I prefer to have my headers as part of my project.

Have not had that problem. If you select the target, you can set the behaviour for headers (private, project, public, I think are the choices). —- Hmm, I seem to recall that for controlling the copying the headers to a built frameworks Headers directory. This is moving them to the Resources directory (Including them in the ‘Build Resources’ step) by default. I don’t even know where the public/project/private setting is in 1.5. I must be going blind. Note, this is a straight Cocoa based document application.

Just to clarify, I didn’t remove the headers from the project, just made them not associated with the target. – Bo

I just ran into this problem today too. Very annoying.

Well, I ran the issue across the Xcode-users list and it appears to be a bug. It has been filed by another as rdar://3761632

I think this has been fixed in Xcode 2.1. Anyone else want to confirm this? Err maybe it was 2.0…

nope, it still happened in 2.0, so if it is fixed, the fix came in 2.1

It was a bug in the project templates, so my bet is that they fixed them when they redid them as .xcodeprojs in 2.1.