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As cocoa-dev list subscribers undoubtedly are aware, unless you download the FULL Xcode Tools 1.1 package, you’re only getting the Xcode IDE update, not the complete 1.1 developer tools.

Whenever you create a new project the main.m file has a warning when compiled, this is easily fixed by changing main.m to the following (as found in the 10.4 version of General/XCode)…

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { return General/NSApplicationMain(argc, (const char **) argv); }

It’s a known bug in Xcode that has been rectified in 1.5. It only appeared in 1.1 or later if memory serves me correctly.

The default project code has errors in it.

Change the signature of main to { const char *argv[] }

From the Xcode Tools 1.1 Read Me:


The Xcode Tools 1.1 release provides overall stability and performance enhancements to the Xcode IDE, as well as improvements to debugging, workflow, the Xcode build system and General/CodeSense. It includes a number of revisions and additions not included in the recent Xcode 1.1 software update; see the What’s New section below. …


The Xcode Tools 1.1 release contains changes to a variety of tools, applications, and libraries in addition to those delivered in Xcode Update 1.1:

Development Tools

Performance Tools


Graphics Tools

General/SDKs and libraries



Anyone understand what kind of regex the Smart Group Inspector expects? The default for the implementation group is “?*.[mcMC]”, which is intended to catch all files with extensions such as .m, .c, .cpp, .cxx, .cc, etc. But clearly, it will match all files whose extension starts with m or c, regardless of case.

Anyway, I tried to modify it to include Python files, but I can’t get things like “?*.(m py)$” to work (I only have General/ObjC and Python files in my project). Has anyone had success with this?


Xcode docs say a regular expression uses standard UNIX regular expression syntax. See the regexp(3) man page for a description of its syntax. Wish I could help more, but I’m not enough of a regex guru.

I guess that means that they’re not Perl-compatible, but rather POSIX extended. I have no experience with the latter, so I can’t help more either.

General/XCode probably uses the same regex library as General/MOKit - General/MOKit’s author is an Apple employee and much of the new Cocoa text stuff appears to be taken from it.