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General/XCode 2.1 has come with a LOT of new improvements:

Release Notes:

New features / Updates

*New, more readable, diffable, and mergable project file format!!! *Unit testing: *It does seem much improved, and much speedier and less laggy. *The breakpoint window is a lot more complex though the GUI is a bit odd. *General/BuildConfigurations: this is a nice step forward, more consistent, less ambiguous, less confusing *General/PreProcessedInfoDotPlist files might be useful for some people.

Can you convert old Xcode projects to Xcode 2.1 projects? General/EnglaBenny —- Yes. Just open them.

Bug report

IDE crashes

Warning to those of you using General/XCode 2.1 under Tiger 10.4.3. Using the links in the documentation browser will sometimes crash General/XCode. It is an intermittent problem that has occured when selecting a link when the page is being displayed directly inside the documentation browser. It has yet to happen when the documentation is open in either a New Window or a Web Browser window. The problem was not occuring before the 10.4.3 update. If you spend as much time reading the API docs as you do in the text editor you risk losing your work. Save regularly while coding or like myself, you could lose a lot of work.

And of course, you have reported this to Apple along with crash logs right?

Each and every time this has occurred, via the dialog that pops up when General/XCode exits.

That’s great. However, if you have the opportunity it’s more useful to file a single bug report via I believe the Crash Reporter is more targeted at end users.