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Imagine waking up one day to find your Mac has solved a vexing scientific problem.

Xgrid is being developed by Apple to allow mac users to easily put together a cluster of mac for CPU-intensive calculations.

Technology Preview 2 (TP2)

At present, Xgrid is available as a “Technology Preview” (a fancy name for a beta version??). In this version, Xgrid plug-ins can be written using Cocoa and General/XCode.

Xgrid 1.0

Announced publicly by Steve Jobs at the WWDC keynote address, and on the apple mailing list:


*The “GM” version, Xgrid 1.0, will be part of Tiger and Tiger Server (due first half of 2005) *We are describing a new Cocoa-based API at WWDC, but it is still under NDA *We are exploring the possibility of a Tech Preview 3 later this summer


This means that one will be able to fully integrate the power of Xgrid in its application, through a new Cocoa framework.

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* Apple mailing list xgrid-users : (you need a username and password provided on the site)

* Daniel Cote has posted information and a tutorial at

* Daniel Cote has developed a Linux agent, still a work in progress at

* James Reynolds from the University of Utah explains how to set up Xgrid, and how to use the custom plug-in and much more at

* Drew Mc.Cormack published a couple of papers on macdevcenter, on how to wrap the Xgrid command-line to run Xgrid directly from within your Cocoa application:

* The beep protocol used by Xgrid:

* An Xgrid widget in Tiger?

* Xgrid Wiki