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Well I finally got the time to install Mac OS X Tiger recently and I love it for the most part I love it. I went through the preferences though and got Xcode 2.0 Code Sense going and it appears to be much much faster over Xcode 1.5 code completion. though I discovered that naming suggestion is nowhere to be found. I found that if I hit Esc (though im not sure it’s the default key for this) it will suggest something while I type. For example if I start typing: “[se “ Xcode will start a popuplist with the first suggestion “[self …”

I, however, want to enable this by default so it does this all the time like I could in Xcode 1.5 preferences so that I don’t have to hit Esc everytime I want a suggestion. I swear I looked for a preference for this in the Xcode prefs several times now, is there something simple I missed or where would I need to go to change this setting? Other than this I have no problems with Xcode 2 whatsoever and is almost perfect for the projects I work on. Thanks for your help!


-1’d! I hated that option, but I kept it on for some reason. I’m glad Apple is taking care of me here :p

+1’d! I want this back! I’m pressing esc all the time!


+1 I want this back! It’s very annoying to hit Esc everytime I want Xcode to do this!

How about you just memorize the code like a good little programmer boy should. :) Or girl.

With automatic suggestion of *everything in General/CodeSense, like how it was in Xcode 1.5, I wrote code much, much quicker and it was far less prone to error, especially when using an API like Cocoa that prefers long, verbose variable & method names. Full General/CodeSense makes a lot of compile errors a thing of the past, and that saves a lot of time. Its got nothing to do with memorizing code, just not having to type patternGeneratorSizeField correctly hundreds of times.*

It’s not that im lazy or anything it’s that it’s sometime convenient to allow Xcode to suggest names and so forth. Even Microsofts Visual Studio has allowed you to do this for a long time so im curious why Apple would suddenly change this.

I don’t care if Apple doesn’t want to enable this by default, but I cannot see why they would not allow you to change a preference to at least turn this on. It makes things akward if your used to Xcode 1.5 then suddenly go to Xcode 2.0 and have to radically adjust some things because Apple won’t allow to set a simple preference.

Code completion and naming suggestion is also about making things easier and spending less time typing in code. Again I don’t care if they don’t want to enable this by default, but at least give me a freaking preference to change this behaviour! Thats what preferences are for!

“How about you just memorize the code like a good little programmer boy should. :)”

Try telling that to people with projects using many classes and thousands of lines of code or anybody wanting to get started in any big sized project like Adium, Darwine, etc. Enabling auto completion just helps especially if you have any name that is long! Please Apple let us have this feature back! I even filed a Bug report with Apple about this, if you feel the same way file a bug report about it too.