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Whenever I double click anything in Xcode v1.5 (e.g. source files under the groups and files, search results in a global find, build errors, even NIB files), Xcode crashes. Any ideas on what to do to fix this problem???

I’ve noticed this problem first after installing the latest Quicktime 6.5.2 update.

Thanks, Joe

Trash your ~/Library/Preferences/ file and see if that helps.

Trashing the prefs did not help. I am going to try to download and reinstall Xcode, I think…

Probably best. I’ve installed the QT update and can double-click to my heart’s content.

I’ve re-“upgraded” the devtools, and it hasn’t fixed my problem. Will it cause any damage to uninstall dev-tools (using the included script) and then reinstall them?

Maybe someone has any ideas from this crash log:

Thread 0 Crashed: 0 0x930b8eec -General/[NSOutlineView _userCanEditTableColumn:row:] + 0 1 0x92fa320c -General/[NSTableView _userCanSelectAndEditTableColumn:row:] + 0x58 2 0x92e7dbc4 -General/[NSTableView mouseDown:] + 0xc4c 3 0x92f386dc -General/[NSOutlineView mouseDown:] + 0x2e0 4 …ple.Xcode.General/DevToolsInterface 0x994cd394 -General/[PBXExtendedOutlineView mouseDown:] + 0x2b4 5 0x92e024d4 -General/[NSWindow sendEvent:] + 0x10e4 6 0x92df4b98 -General/[NSApplication sendEvent:] + 0xebc 7 …ple.Xcode.General/DevToolsInterface 0x994869f8 -General/[PBXExtendedApplication sendEvent:] + 0x84 8 0x92dfcfb0 -General/[NSApplication run] + 0x240 9 0x92eb948c General/NSApplicationMain + 0x1d0 10 0x0000a1d0 0x1000 + 0x91d0 11 dyld 0x8fe1a558 _dyld_start + 0x64

This is absolutely what to do. If you’re going to try fixing something by reinstalling it, it’s always best to remove it and do a full reinstallation, not an upgrade.

Have you tried repairing permissions?

Or doing and archive and install? Sounds more like General/AppKit has been corrupted.

I was able to fix the problem by re-installing the Mac OS X Combined Updater. Thankfully it worked, because I am about 3,000 miles from my OS X 10.3 CD…

Thanks for all of the suggestions.