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I’d like to implement a navigation bar like the one seen in Xcode’s code editor - it has a popup for navigating through the file, and back/forward buttons to quickly zip through your history. It’s unlike any GUI element, as it’s sort of a cross between a toolbar and a General/NSTableView header. How would one go about creating something similar, complete with buttons and popup menus? – General/RyanGovostes

I’m guessing you’d use that chocolate tasting substance called Cocoa.

Very helpful.

Are you asking how to implement the code behind basic history browsing, back and forward buttons? Or are you asking for code on how Xcode does the UI element above the text view?

Ah, I suppose I should have clarified (updated the above question, too): I want to create an interface element that looks the same as that Xcode’s navigation bar (“above the text view”) and can have buttons and popup menus.