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are there some methods to easily read xml files and their nodes? The same for writing them. I haven�t found anything yet.



Hi General/ThomasSempf, for getting an xml file into an array: General/[[NSArray alloc] initWithContentsOfFile: @”myinput.xml”]. for saving an array to an xml file: [anArray writeToFile: @”myoutput.xml” atomically: NO]

Then you can simply read/write the single elements within the array. Hope it helps.

Bye peacha

Be careful not to confuse XML files with General/XmlPropertyLists. An XML file can contain a variety of data in a variety of formats. General/XmlPropertyLists refers to a specific XML format to store arrays, strings, dictionaries, for General/ObjC and General/CoreFoundation applications.

Anyone know how you read and write arbitrary XML files? Can it be done with General/CoreFoundation?

– General/MikeTrent

An General/NSArray reads/writes “pure” XML files, while an General/NSDictionary operates (with the same methods as General/NSArray) on property lists. You can do it even with General/CoreFoundation: there is “Property List Services” for that. In General/CoreFoundation/General/CFPropertyList.h there is function General/CFDataRef General/CFPropertyListCreateXMLData (General/CFAllocatorRef, General/CFDictionaryRef);


Eh? You’re still talking about property lists, which can only support strings, arrays, dictionaries, numbers and booleans. In General/CoreFoundation you can use XML Services for generic XML parsing. See

Apple’s new layout is a bit different: you might want to try instead.

– General/FinlayDobbie

Hey, you’re right Finlay. And wow, it even lets you customize the parser! I must admit that I am missing a lot of interesting things about General/CoreFoundation.


If you want a Framework for XML see here:

Also check out General/XMLTree, a Public Domain Objective-C wrapper for Apple’s XML parser.

A real, DOM-compliant, XML framework is Iconara DOM Framework (General/IconaraDOM). It’s similar to the Java frameworks JDOM ( and XOM ( What’s more: it’s GPL’ed.


I’m trying to use General/XMLTree to read an XML file. This is what I’m trying to read:

<?xml standalone=”yes” version=”1.0” ?>


Now when I call General/[XMLTree description], it returns “General/TestPerson” (minus the quotes). When I call General/[XMLTree count], it returns 3. Now I wan’t to read the “Name” item. Here’s what I’m trying:

General/XMLTree *file = General/[XMLTree treeWithURL:[NSURL fileURLWithPath:[_HOME stringByAppendingString:_acpAlarmsPathComponent]]]; General/XMLTree *prefs = [file descendentNamed:@”Preferences”]; General/XMLTree *registration = [prefs descendentNamed:@”Registration”]; General/NSString *theName = [registration attributeNamed:@”Name”];

However, no matter what I do, theName is always nil. I can’t figure it out. I was hoping someone here could help me out a little bit. Thanks.

It looks like Name is a descendent, not an attribute.

The same example with Iconara DOM (see above):

General/DOMDocument *document = General/[DOMBuilder documentFromFile:@”whicheverfile”]; General/DOMElement *prefs = [document rootElement]; General/DOMElement *reg = General/prefs children] objectAtIndex:0]; [[NSString *theName = General/[reg children] objectAtIndex:0] string];

or in v1.1 (comming soon)

[[DOMDocument *document = General/[DOMBuilder documentFromFile:@”whicheverfile”]; General/NSString *theName = General/document getElementsByTagName:@”name”] objectAtIndex:0];

or you could do it with an [[XPath filter.

– General/TheoHultberg/Iconara

It appears the the General/CFXMLTree create functions don’t like XML that defines variable numbers of child elements, e.g.

<?xml version=”1.0” standalone=”yes”?> <!DOCTYPE person [ <!ELEMENT first_name (#PCDATA)> <!ELEMENT last_name (#PCDATA)> <!ELEMENT profession (#PCDATA)> <!ELEMENT name (first_name, last_name)> <!ELEMENT person (name, profession*)> <— THIS LINE ]>

Alan Turing computer scientist mathetician cryptographer

Note the * after the profession. I get a nil General/CFXMLTree if I put that in, but if I take it out and make no other changes, the General/CFXMLTree is created. Is this to be expected? Is there something about General/CFXMLTrees that require a single child (or equal number of children) per node? – General/GKinnel