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The General/YellowBox was the name (in General/AppleRhapsody) for General/NeXT’s General/OpenStep libraries which eventually became Cocoa.

There used to be a General/YellowBox for Windows which is still shipping with General/WebObjects 4.5 for Windows and allows the compilation and execution of Cocoa code under Windows (with some caveats, beause Cocoa classes have changed a bit since then).

Official word is, that the General/YellowBox for Windows is gone now, though, and General/AppleComputer revoked any license to develop third-party applications for it.

General/YellowBox is a much cooler name than Cocoa, in General/RobRix’s opinion.

General/AdamAtlas and General/MooreSan agree completely with General/RobRix.

General/RobRix has a posse.

General/JoshaChapmanDodson wants an Old School version of General/YellowBox, and a computer runing General/OpenStep.

So do a lot of people…

So buy one -

Random unthought thought: What is the likelihood of Quark’s project for General/ObjC.NET making something like Cocoa/Wintel as a project undertaken by developers in the wild possible?

Ok… there’s obviously been some confusion somewhere… Quark is using C#.Net with mono ( on OS X running in X11 using GTK# bindings, although there is hope yet that there may be Cocoa# bindings added to the project. There is no General/ObjC.Net (that I know of) and if there is, Quark isn’t using it (or hasn’t announced that). Cocoa/Wintel has been approximated by “developers in the wild” in General/GnuStep on windows. It is possible to write code that is very portable between Mac/Cocoa and anywhere/Gnu Step but you have to plan for it, not use nib/gorm files (try Rennaisance aka gsmarkup), have two sets of build configurations (PB/General/XCode, and Gnu Step make file). It would be neat if apple adopted gsmarkup or made another nib version similar to it, and if they rereleased General/YBfW but I think it’ll stay internal (but they are maintaining General/YBfW in some capacity for their Web Object version of General/ProjectBuilder for Windows (have you looked at the General/WOfW tutorial… it has some screenshots from their recent versions that look disturbing ie. cocoa controls and style with windows theme… also I imagine they used it to implement iTunes for windows… but that’s just a guess)

I was initially shocked when I saw the Aqua interface sported by iTunes for windows, but all things Aqua are not Cocoa. iTunes is a Carbon application. Under Windows, I have no idea what was used, but I can say that it is not MFC based, nor is it .NET. They probably used an in-house statically linked C/C++ based UI library.

iTunes looked like iTunes in OS 9. It has just always been a funny-looking application.

for more about funny-looking, in the eye of the beholder, naturally, see General/NewiTunesInterface

Yellow Box returns in 2006?

General/YellowBox in 1999 “Boston, March 1 1999 - Longtime General/OpenStep and Macintosh developers, Stone Design, announced that Create 5, the powerful draw studio and web page maker will ship with Mac OS X Server. Today, it has shipped for Web Objects 4.0 for NT and Yellow Box for Windows (YBW). This release incorporates numerous new features on the much imitated but never duplicated Create.” “The article deals with the concrete effects that Apple’s back-peddling on the licensing of Yellow Box for Windows runtimes is having on a developer, and ultimately, on Apple.”

General/YellowBox in 1998 “Last year at WWDC Apple announced the intent to deliver “no per copy royalty” Yellow Box runtime for Windows. Unfortunately, due to royalty obligations they are not yet there. When Yellow Box for Windows 1.0 ships, you will be able to ship using a low cost runtime.” “… development platform - the Yellow Box - that is hosted on Rhapsody, Windows (both Windows 95/98 and Windows NT), and eventually Mac OS.” “To a developer, the Yellow Box is the holy grail because it allows us to create software in Rhapsody using the plethora of cool objects provided by Apple, and then compile the exact same code for use on Windows machines.” “Also a part of Apple’s OS strategy is the “Yellow Box,” another General/NeXT legacy. Programmers can use Yellow Box to write applications that will run under Windows and the Mac OS, and they insist that the usual laborious process of “porting” an application from one platform to another is dramatically reduced thanks to Yellow Box. This means that one of the greatest dangers for Apple – that programmers won’t bother developing for the Mac anymore – will ease, and Yellow Box could even become the development method of choice. “ “You can build applications out of a set of object-class libraries dubbed the “Yellow Box.” These libraries are based on Next’s General/OpenStep, which has powerful GUI support and has been extensively field-tested for over a decade.”

Yellow Box in 1997,1367,3821,00.html “Promising that with the Yellow Box, developers will be able “to build great apps and deploy them on Rhapsody on the General/PowerPC, Rhapsody running on Intel, on the Mac OS, and on Windows,” Tevanian also gave his thanks to the demo gods. “The fact that all the demos worked is an indicator of Apple’s future success,” he added.” “The Rhapsody for General/PCs runs on Pentium-based systems. Both versions of Rhapsody include the Yellow Box cross-platform development and deployment environment. Yellow Box for Windows runs on Windows 95 and Windows NT using a Windows user interface. Yellow Box developers will be able to create cross-platform applications for Windows 95, Windows NT, and Rhapsody for General/PowerPC, and Rhapsody for General/PCs…” Promo video from Apple laying out their 1997-era strategy for the System 7 -> Rhapsody transition along with a demo of the Rhapsody OS.